Return to Self, founded by Bruna Nessif, is a platform that serves seekers of personal freedom and healing through a hybrid approach of spiritual practice and mindset coaching. The goal is always to help clients remember who they were before the world taught them who to be.

"Once we reconnect with our vulnerability, we reclaim our power."


Hi, I’m Bruna

For years, I found myself crippled by self-doubt & fear. I kept seeking external validation & waiting for someone else to swoop in & give me the permission I always thought I needed to be great. That day never came.

What did come, however, was the stark realization that there was really only one person who could grant me the luxury of living my best life—& that was me.

I’ve devoted years of my life to studying, reframing & healing toxic behavior & patterns so that I could show up in the world the way that I’d always hoped to. And once I was able to do that, I made it my mission to help others do the same.

As a certified professional coach for high-conscious living, Divine channel & Reiki Master, I implement a hybrid teaching model that utilizes both mindset coaching & spiritual practice to penetrate change on a soul level.